Some things

Image courtesy:-Resplash Think about the virtuous inside you.Recall the ocean which streamed in you,Recollect  the memories which touched you,Remember the waves which you pushed away in your life.Know the people who subsisted like rivers.Lead the way to springs of forgiveness.Browse for the lust in every pinch.Be brave to notice the variation between summer laughter and …

Love Knot

Image source:- Google Girl with a white heart seeks for a red heart to appear.Dying inside but alive outside.Willing to do,But screaming at its crest.Going to be like a royal parade,But it is a life ceremony between white and red.Tied a string around the heart.Changing the oneness through duality and then to the multiplicity.Lightly spurted …

Her Stillness

She has a million things to explain,There is no niche around her to utter.They dragged her mind into sadness.They kept her voice in dark,They bruised her factual feelings.She calmed her chaos,Her pause made more intensive threats.They obstructed her,They insulted her.But all of a suddenThey failed andThey went awry,To Stop the Silence of her Storm. -Saniya.


Every plunge of itOverflowed.Unfiltered raw of pain,They are real and mournful,Crumpled and quick,Fluid and salty,I love my tearsBecause they stayed with meMore than people. -Saniya Featured image from Google.

Take Heed

Trust is a beautiful kind of fear. We believe people firmly that they will do the things they say they will. We identify their abilities and vitalities, and we place our faith in them. But the saddest thing occurs when our valued ones break our faith, there we find ourselves deserted. And it takes a lifetime …

For You

Oh, My love I know your thoughts are not with me,But you are much on my mind.I know you loathe me,But my love didn't faded away.I know who will with you tomorrow,But what can  I now.I know i am fretting you,But i am not.Give my blithely back. -Saniya Featured image from Unsplash

Who is She?

Everyone tells their intensive sadness and sorrows to that one girl who is always being depressed with her problems, but still, she is able to hear all that abandoned stories and pave them with a better solution and in deep she knows that she can also change like seasons, but her crappy past couldn't allow …

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