Who is She?

Everyone tells their intensive sadness and sorrows to that one girl who is always being depressed with her problems, but still, she is able to hear all that abandoned stories and pave them with a better solution and in deep she knows that she can also change like seasons, but her crappy past couldn’t allow her to do so. However, she loves to solve all the tremendous experience in others life because deep inside she has a word of humanity.

Drop me a line if you have time, Heaps of love.

35 Replies to “Who is She?”

      1. Yes my dear i do agree on this too….. But how long we will let this happen. The moment in everyone’s life comes when he goes far away from all these. It all goes on for a time that we are obliged to experience such in our life, we suffer pain even when we don’t want to, but when the mind gets totally exhausted then we also understand the solution.

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